Ipsen International GmbH

Ipsen International GmbH

Hard work wins.


Welcome to Ipsen International GmbH

„Hard work wins“ is our motto – and by making use of technical innovations, we day by day do our utmost to offer the optimum state-of-the-art-technology to our customers.

Among other things, we continually improve the efficiency of our products, not only for the benefit of the environment, but also in order

  • to reduce costs for our customers
  • to gain a measurable advantage on those highly competitive markets
  • to successfully improve our customers´ position in the market

We are represented worldwide – in Europe, USA, China, India and Malaysia - not to just meet with our customers´ expectations but even to exceed them.

Our latest project: Ipsen provides two new service centers in Europe: for southern Germany in Filderstadt, for our Italian customers located near Treviso. Take a closer look at our website and learn more about us.

You need more specific information? Please contact us! Phone: (0049) 2821 804 0 or by mail: info-at-ipsen.de

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Ipsen. Furnaces made in Germany.