The economical and ecological gas carburisation technology for the gas carburising process.


Magic Box – Everything else is just once upon a time

Ten times more economic – process gas recycling for gas carburisingIn conventional atmosphere carburizing processes with endogas or nitrogen-menthanol gassing, only two per cent of the carbon available in the atmosphere for carburising – and thus for increasing marginalised layer properties – is used. The remaining percentage of around 98 per cent burns unused and leaks into the atmosphere.

The Ipsen principle: Saving and efficiency
This is a waste of resources, which is not only harmful to the environment, but also costly. Carbon dioxide emissions of a typical oven of size 17 to 65 tonnes CO2 are reduced to around seven tones thanks to the HybridCarb process.


The economically persuasive result: up to 90 percent fewer process gas costs!

Gas-Recycler – Technology creates value
The economically persuasive result: up to 90 percent fewer process gas costs! HybridCarb is an innovative, patented gassing system for gas carburizing processes: the process gas is therefore no longer useless burnt off, but reconditioned in the HybridCarb box and led back into the heating chamber. All processes in the hardening furnace can be controlled even more easily to further improve quality.

Long-Term Employees – Practical thanks to Plug and Play
HybridCarb is installed on site in only six to eight ours thanks to the extreme simplification of the connections (there is only one inlet and outlet point.

Updateable as a retrofitting kit

Almost any atmosphere furnace can be quickly and easy retrofitted with the HybridCarb recycling kit. The system operates extremely reliably and does thus not require much maintenance. In case of repair or maintenance, you can switch back to the old gassing system just at the press of a button – between two batch treatments – in seconds.

Mr. Nice Guy – Environmentally friendly and economical
With HybridCarb you also avoid the expensive and - according to the German Wasserhaushaltsgesetz - the storing of toxic, highly flammable methanol, which is subject to approval. Even the risk of fluctuating methanol prices belongs in the past. With the operation of endogas, a separate endogas generator also becomes unnecessary by using HybridCarb.

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