Furnace Technology


Furnace Technology

The atmospheric chamber furnaces built by Ipsen have a modular design and are made of standardised assemblies. The furnace casing consists of a sturdy sheet steel structure.

The light-weight refractory lining inside the furnace is designed for temperatures well above the working temperature and has an extremely long service life.

This optimised furnace design ensures

  • even heat transfer,
  • shielding of the charge from direct heat radiation, and
  • transfer of the recirculated furnace atmosphere through a SIC muffle

throughout all stages of the heat-treatment process.

Other benefits include

  • the maintenance-friendly, tight-closing door systems,
  • easy replacement of the SIC muffle by a tongue and groove system,
  • the double-wall oil bath with a leakage sensor in accordance with the requirements of the Water Resources Act,
  • charge transfer in baskets without special skids, and
  • a long service life of the charging system which is designed for pushing only.

Because of their modular design, our furnace systems can be customized as necessary to meet the client's specific needs. The ICTE® software family developed especially for the heat-treatment industry allows charge transfer, loading and unloading to be linked to provide fully automatic systems that can be integrated perfectly into the production flow.

Atmosphere Technology

What you should know about Ipsen's atmosphere furnaces and technology