Gas supply systems


Carburizing, carbonitriding, bright hardening and carburization-free bright annealing is performed with carbon-controlled atmospheres. These are produced using low-energy process systems that operate to high safety standards. Process control is based on the Carbon-Sensor® along with computer-aided instrumentation and control systems of the Carb-o-Control® series.

The following atmosphere supply systems are used:

Supercarb® - Direct fuel/air supply

Ipsen Supercarb® is a highly efficient process involving heat-treatment temperatures in excess of 850°C. The chamber furnace is directly supplied with natural gas (or another fuel) and air (without the use of a generator). Main benefits of this process include:

  • high efficiency,
  • fast, even and reproducible carbon transfer


Endothermic gas, or endogas, can be used in a number of ways:

  • together with added hydrocarbons for C level-controlled carburisation 
  • as a protective atmosphere for bright annealing and bright tempering
  • with added ammonia for nitrocarburising (Ipsen Nikotrieren®).

This broad range of applications with high and low-temperature chamber furnaces is the main advantage of endogas use.


Where nitrogen and methanol are used, endogas-like atmospheres are produced directly inside the heating chamber. However, this type of atmosphere supply can only be used for temperatures above 800°C.