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Ipsen Company Brochure

Ipsen. We deliver performance.
Company Brochure (PDF, 1095 KB)

Ipsen HybridCarb

Save money and produce less CO2: The revolutionary gassing technology, HybridCarb.
HybridCarb Brochure (PDF, 991 KB)

Ipsen HydroNit® Sensor

As many of our customers already know, our HydroNit®-Sensor allows extremely accurate and reproducible detection of the hydrogen partial pressure, in particular in nitriding and nitrocarburizing atmospheres.
HydroNit® Sensor Brochure (PDF, 943 KB)

Ipsen Advanced Efficiency

Heat treatment is energyhungry. Ipsen has been a leader in facing this challenge for years, providing innovative, ever more efficient heat treatment solutions.
Energy Efficiency Brochure (PDF, 1245 KB )

Ipsen RT/T

Ipsen is setting new standards in quality with the new Ipsen atmosphere furnace: tuned components, smart interfaces and controls and increasing energy efficiency.
Ipsen RT/T Brochure (PDF, 3306 KB)

Ipsen AutoMag® 4.0

The automation software gives you even more efficient use of energy and resources, as well as further optimised utilisation of your facility´s capacity.
AutoMag Brochure (PDF, 720 KB)

Ipsen Atmosphere Technology

Ipsen atmosphere furnaces: simple design and comparatively low costs. Hardening, tempering, carburization, carbon nitriding, nitrocarburization, bright tempering, annealing.
Atmosphere Technology Brochure (PDF, 990 KB)

Ipsen Vacuum Technology

With Ipsen International's vacuum furnaces the advantages of vacuum heat-treatment can be used.
Vacuum Technology Brochure (PDF, 1379 KB)

Ipsen Plant Technology

Ipsen pusher-type furnace systems: low energy consumption, optimised thermodynamics, high efficiency and great flexibility.
Plant Technology Brochure (PDF, 882 KB)

Ipsen Wind Energy

With it sealed quench furnace systems, Ipsen offers a compelling, sophisticated and efficient solution for heat treating large gearbox components.
Wind Energy Brochure (PDF, 1645 KB)

Ipsen Brazing

Many high-grade materials can only be manufactured in vacuum furnaces. To meet these needs, Ipsen offers manual, semi- and fully-automatic single- and multi-chamber vacuum furnaces.
Brazing Brochure (PDF, 1006 KB)

Ipsen Turbo²Treater

Ipsen Turbo² Treater - more performance for less energy consumption
Turbo²Treater Brochure (PDF, 1201 KB)

Ipsen Multi Treater

A revolution in construction: The new Ipsen Multi Treater. A retort furnace with 5 tons load size.
Multi Treater Brochure (PDF, 821 KB)

Ipsen Carb-o-Prof® 4.0

Carb-o-Prof® 4.0, Ipsen's hard- and software solution for carburisation processes, makes the control of atmospheric chamber furnaces simpler and more reliable.
Carb-o-Prof Brochure (PDF, 617 KB)

Ipsen Vacu-Prof® 4.0

The proven Vacu-Prof® 4.0 software system solution from Ipsen: more intelligent means more efficient. Reliability for your vacuum furnace.
Vacu-Prof Brochure(PDF, 698 KB)

Ipsen SolNit®

The innovative SolNit® Process: greater corrosion resistance together with increased strength.
SolNit Brochure(PDF, 685 KB)

Ipsen SuperQuench

Ipsen's SuperQuench is an oil bath for heat treating lower-quality steels with less alloy-content.
SuperQuench Brochure (PDF, 715 KB)

Ipsen Trainings

Furnace and furnace technology in theory and practice. Ipsen heat treatment training.
Trainings Brochure (PDF, 676 KB)

Ipsen After Sales

Ipsen After Sales Services. We’re there, when you need us. Everything you'll need once you've bought your furnace.
After Sales Brochure (PDF, 670 KB)