Installation Technology

Installation Technology

Our many years of experience in plant construction have given us unparalleled expertise.


Furnace Technology

Ipsen offers a broad range of plants based on different design principles and built to the customer's specifications.

Pusher-type furnace

This furnace design has proved itself as being particularly suited for the continuous treatment of parts under a protective gas atmosphere. The extremely stable hearth structure is designed for high charge weights. Depending on the operator's requirements, Ipsen can provide single or multi-track furnaces. Multi-track designs offer a very high production flexibility.

The benefits of this furnace type include:

  • high operational safety through sturdy design
  • very even distribution of the protective atmosphere thanks to good recirculation
  • optimum reproducibility
  • cost-efficient solution for treating large throughput volume

Rotary-hearth furnace

This robust furnace type is extremely versatile in its use. It is designed for both carburizing small case depths and for only re-austinitising pre-treated workpieces. Its high throughput makes it particularly suitable for heat treating large quantities of the same parts. The rotary hearth furnace can be operated as a stand-alone unit with either manual or automatic loading / unloading, and also be interlinked with other plant components.

The benefits of this furnace type include:

  • high throughput
  • even temperature distribution
  • light-weight charge trays 
  • even atmosphere distribution

Ring furnace

With this furnace type, the heat-treatment chamber can be designed as a single zone or be subdivided into several zones with intermediate doors for performing different process steps. A special design makes it particularly suitable for treating large quantities of varying charge types. Loading and unloading is usually automatic because the high throughput of these furnaces means that they are interlinked with upstream and downstream plant components.

The benefits of this furnace type include:

  • accurate control of the individual heat-treatment zones
  • small hearth surface area
  • extremely low mechanical load on hearth
  • light-weight charge trays
  • possibility to remove individual work pieces through slot-type doors

Roller-hearth furnace

The special design of this furnace with its separately driven rollers for charge transfer along the furnace hearth allows it to be used for both batch charges and single parts of any size down to coin size. The rollers can be controlled to accelerate or decelerate each charge or workpiece as it travels though the furnace.

Belt-type furnace

In order to meet maximum quality requirements in terms of the evenness of the desired results for bulk goods and large quantities of small parts, Ipsen has developed a new belt-type furnace. High availability, very low energy costs and excellent, reproducible heat-treatment results are some of the special features of this furnace design.

Other benefits include:

  • independent control zones
  • guiding muffles and extensive cross recirculation
  • long service life of belts thanks to driven rollers along the full furnace length