More intelligent for greater efficiency with Ipsen's hardware and software solutions.



The Carb-o-Prof® process software is a comprehensive software and hardware configuration designed for open and closed-loop control of carburisation processes in chamber furnaces under a protective atmosphere. Using Carb-o-Prof® allows specific benefits of the heat-treatment process to be realized, which include

  • higher product quality
  • increased quality consistency
  • improved reproducibility

As a consequence, operators can enjoy the following direct economic and production-related benefits:

  • time and cost savings in fabrication process
  • increased operator and operation safety
  • efficient plant-specific maintenance

Using our process control system software AutoMag® enables autonomous, closed-loop controlled furnace systems to be interlinked to operate as fully automatic heat-treatment centres. All relevant data are stored and can be visualised and printed as heat-treatment protocols and/or production records showing all process details. Ipsen's concept of using a decentralised system of separate computers and control systems has proved very successful in the field. Data exchange and communication between stand-alone systems is handled by a local area network (LAN).