More intelligent for greater efficiency with Ipsen's hardware and software solutions.



With the Vacu-Prof® process software designed in-house for open-loop vacuum furnace control as well as closed-loop process control, Ipsen offers its customers a cost-efficient and powerful tool for

  • time and cost savings during production, 
  • higher quality consistency,
  • improved reproducibility, and
  • increased operation safety.

In addition, depending on the scope of the process software installed, there are other advantaged for the operator, including

  • higher operator safety,
  • increased operating comfort (speed),
  • assembly-based maintenance at appropriate intervals.

All relevant data for secure process control are transferred from the computer system to the PLCs and the associated autonomous controllers which then implement the control steps requested. All data generated by the process are transferred back across the same path to the computer system for specific data handling and processing purposes, including

  • protocols,
  • visualization,
  • archiving, and
  • fault and high/low signal generation.

The heat-treatment schedules, which are stored in and can be retrieved from a program file, guarantee exact reproducibility of the production processes at all times.
Installing our process control system software AutoMag® enables autonomous, closed-loop controlled furnace systems to be interlinked to operate as fully automatic heat-treatment centres. Ipsen's concept of using a decentralised system of separate computers and control systems has proved very successful in the field. Data exchange and communication between stand-alone systems is handled by a local area network (LAN).



Nitriding as an integrated function in Vacu-Prof® has been developed for nitriding and nitrocarbu-rizing.