Ipsen's atmosphere technology is available in different sizes.
The atmospheric chamber furnaces built by Ipsen have a modular design and are made of standardized assemblies.
With Ipsen's vacuum furnaces, one can fully utilize the advantages they provide during vacuum heat treatment.
With Ipsen vacuum furnaces, you can carry out both conventional and more demanding heat treatments.
Ipsen provides comprehensive software and hardware configurations that are designed for open- and closed-loop control of your carburization processes.
Ipsen's comprehensive hardware and software solutions achieve intelligent results with greater efficency.

Backed by nearly 70 years of experience, it is our mission to strengthen heat treatment through expert-driven solutions.

Much like our founder, Harold Ipsen, we believe that innovation drives excellence. We are committed to delivering proven technology for a range of applications that enable you to transform space exploration, improve titanium medical implants and develop more efficient cars and jet engines. Through our global partnerships, we are able to provide unmatched service and support for all of your needs.


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