Advanced Efficiency

Heat treatment is an energy hungry application. Ipsen has been a leader in facing this energy challenge for years, providing innovative, increasingly efficient heat treatment solutions. Nonetheless, as they say, “standing still means falling behind” and Ipsen is now offering a broad spectrum of new improvements in equipment, processes and control systems.

There is an abundance of energy. We’re learning to use it better. The sun offers us 10,000 times more energy that we use today, but only a tiny fraction of it is useable. Fossil fuels are not only the focus of public criticism, they are also getting more expensive. In short, if you want to perform heat treatment economically, you have to be looking for optimum efficiency. We call it: ADVANCED EFFICIENCY. As incredible as it sounds, almost 40% of the energy used in German industry goes to running industrial furnaces. This is an alarming appetite for energy – especially for your bottom line – costing industry around 30 thousand million euros a year. Given rapidly rising global energy demand, it is safe to assume that price increases will continue and even accelerate. Heat treatment facilities’ enormous energy consumption is a ticking time-bomb, and not just because of the environmental and fiscal implications. The new European Union EuP (Energy using Products) Directive is on its way to approval and adoption. Its requirements will soon have to be fulfilled alongside those of the existing EU EcoDesign Directive, 2005/32, and will place even more stringent limitations on energy consumption in heat treatment facilities.