Ipsen Italy

New Office in Monza/Italy

Ipsen's Italy branch is a modern, top-grade service center for furnace technology that possesses all of the time-tested quality Ipsen has to offer. Customer support is now faster and more effective. Their lastest project has been launched under the slogan “Ever closer to the customer,” which staff members apply to their daily lives.

Why? Because every day, we work to provide innovative technology solutions – and we’re passionate about it. Ipsen is present all over the world, which allows us to not only satisfy our customers’ requirements, but to also go above and beyond their expectations. The branch is in direct contact with the German head office in Kleve, and its objective is to provide practical, efficient and quick support to the local furnace and system construction sector.

The best thing about Ipsen's Service Center is that it makes it possible to have Ipsen furnaces repaired immediately, as well as receive help in remedying faults and fixing systems made by other manufacturers. Ipsen has already succeeded in providing optimal service throughout Europe, the United States, China, Japan and India.

Under the slogan “Hard work wins,” the success of Ipsen has been quite remarkable with more than 20,000 atmosphere furnaces installed worldwide, making the company a global market leader. We work consistently on improving energy efficiency for our systems, reducing costs for our customers, gaining a measurable lead and increasing our customers’ competitive advantage. And now, with the new Service Center, this is also the case in Italy – exceptionally good service provided directly by Ipsen.


Ipsen International GmbH • Filiale Italiana
Via Borgazzi 83
20900 Monza
Phone: 0039 039 214 8132

Fax: 0039 039 214 0938 


Contact person:

Mr. Corrado Tomaselli

Mobile phone: 0039 366 5349176
Email: Corrado.Tomaselli-at-Ipsen.de