March 2021

Carb-o-Prof® 4 - Ipsen software for gas carburization plants

In today's world, ever greater demands are being placed on metallic components to ensure that they can withstand the highest mechanical stresses and remain wear-resistant for as long as possible. To achieve this even with comparatively inexpensive starting materials, the components in question are often subjected to a carburising or case-hardening process.

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Februar 2021

Chamber furnaces from Ipsen: Types and differences

In today's world, metallic components have to meet ever greater requirements, for example regarding wear or corrosion resistance. To ensure corresponding quality even with comparatively inexpensive raw materials, the components are often subjected to industrial heat treatment.

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September 2020

Creation and optimization of carburising programs

Appropriate process control is absolutely essential to ensure the most efficient and highest-quality heat treatment possible.

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August 2020

Gassing systems for gas carburizing

Carburizing processes can be carried out in many different ways. Today, powder, salt bath or plasma carburizing processes are hardly used, yet the classic gas carburizing as well as low pressure carburizing (LPC) represent most of the complete range of all industrial applications.

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