Ipsen's Conti-Control® process software was developed specifically for continuous and semi-continuous furnace plants.  This software provides the benefits of continuous processes, including high throughput, extensive energy savings and consistent part qualities. As a result, it enables:

  • Flexible process control
  • Lot-size optimization
  • Chart-based protocols

The system records the specific charge parameters and accurately controls the critical process parameters as the charge travels through the heating and cooling zones. At the end of the heat treatment process, all parameters recorded are documented in a protocol, which makes them available for another, completely reproducible heat treatment cycle.

In addittion, any necessary process parameter changes are automatically made by the computer, which also calculates the number of empty charges or idle times. Weekend and burn-out programs increase the plant's efficiency and profitability.

Ipsen Conti-Control process software plays a key role in optimizing production objectives, such as:

  • Quality consistency
  • Cost control
  • Reproducibility
  • Product quality
  • Operation safety