The ARGOS line

Ipsen provides a state-of-the-art solution for large-scale production, featuring low-pressure carburization (AvaC®) with high-pressure gas quenching. Not only does the ARGOS line feature the optimal integration of heat treatment in the production process, but it also produces excellent, uniform heat treatment results – all with maximum process reliability and documentation.

Carburization Module  

  • Hot wall system: Energy-efficient with minimized heat loss thanks to increased insulation 
  • Cold wall system: Maximum process flexibility, for example, due to the ability to rapidly cool the internal furnace chamber from carburization to hardening temperature
  • Simple, fast installation and commissioning of this module/system, which is based on the plug-and-play principle and features a full modular system of the various components

Moving/Rotating Vacuum Module

  • No temperature loss during load transport between the carburization module and quenching since the vacuum module is heated and controllable up to 1,100 °C (or higher, as an option)
  • Frequency-controlled transport/rotary drive unit to optimize and minimize load transport times
  • The loader is positioned in the cold zone of the moving/rotating vacuum module

High-Pressure Gas Quenching Module

  • Maximum quenching pressure: 20 bar (abs.)
  • The flow-optimized design of the gas guide ensures a uniform flow over the entire load surface
  • Time-controlled, automatically reverse low direction 
  • Perfectly controlled gas delivery rate and velocity inside the entire gas quenching module
  • Large cooling surface allows for excellent heat transfer to the cooling water
  • Compact housing design results in low consumption of cooling gas

 Possible Heat Treatment Processes

  • Hardening
  • Low-pressure carburization: (AvaC)  
  • Low-pressure carbonitriding: (AvaC-N) 
  • High-pressure gas quenching with nitrogen up to 20 bar abs. 
  • Carburization temperatures up to 1,050 °C

Technical Data and Benefits

  • Load Dimensions: 600 x 1,000 x 750 mm (W x L x H) 
  • Maximum Load Weight: 1,000 kg 
  • Flexible installation with a customizable variable number of carburization modules 
  • Continuous production prozess 
  • Excellent temperature uniformity and zero distortion

ARGOS - Videoclip