Ipsen Vacuum Furnace Technology

Ipsen's vacuum furnaces offer numerous advantages that allow you to fully utilize the vacuum heat treatment processes. These advantages include:

  • Optimum hardness
  • Bright surfaces
  • Oxidation and decarburization-free surface zone
  • Little scaling, even on workpieces with a complex geometry
  • Consistent qualities
  • Reproducibility
  • Usable for a broad range of materials

Ipsen offers a variety of horizontal and vertical single- and multi-chamber furnaces, from which customers can select the type best suited to their processes and products. All of the furnace models have the option of being equipped with convection systems, which increase the furnace's throughput by shortening heat-up times and minimizing warping of delicate work pieces.

Rotary Hearth Technology

Ipsen designed a rotary hearth for vertical furnaces, whose speed of rotation can be adjusted in line with the cooling requirments. This not only eliminates uneven gas flow distribution, but it also prevents dead zones from occuring around the charge - which is areas where there isn't adequate flow or surfaces aren't exposed to most of the cooling gas.